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The links we have provided to Free Software are all superb applications but during the installation process it may ask you to install associated or partner applications and this is where mistakes are often made.

Free software comes in many guises and the links we have provided are all from reputable sources. The biggest issue with Free Software is generally the users ability to understand what is actually free, and what to do when installing the software.

A Safe Installation Example

AVG offer a great Free Anti Virus solution but during the installation process it will offer you a number of options, one of which is a toolbar. The AVG toolbar will not cause you an issue but if you do not thoroughly follow the installation process you will install a utility you may not want or need.

There are also instances where reputable software houses partner and offer each others services. For instance, some core application updates may ask you to install a browser from a reputable source and this may come with the “check box” already highlighted during the update process. Therefore if you follow the installation process without reading it thoroughly you install 3rd party software.

The good news is that a reputable supplier would not partner with an unscrupulous source and all you will end up with is another chunk of software occupying your hard disc drive.

Where It All Goes Wrong (Less Reputable)

Many websites offer Free Internet Resources and these sites are sometimes funded by sponsorship or "Pay Per Click". These don't cost you money it just uses code which charges the recipient of the click "X Amount of Money". Therefore it is in the webmasters interest to entice you to click that link.

You can search the Internet quite innocently for, "The Widget" and the end result of that search would display a catalogue of suitable options. When you select a chosen search result the website may offer you a free download of, "The Widget" and before your eyes is a big button that says, "Get A Widget Now".

You Need To Pause For Thought Here

In the above scenario "The Widget" and "Get A Widget Now" are very similar sounding names of which one may not be a link to what you were looking for. Mistakes are usually made where the prominent button, "Download " is deliberately displayed to entice you click and If you click the link there is a financial benefit to the webmaster. The download link you were looking for was most likely close by but less prominent, you get sent off on a tangent and the webmasters wins.

Is It Deception? Is It Wrong? Is It User Error?

To call this practice deceitful is a little harsh if the website in question has good quality related information available and uses sponsorship to maintain its existence. If links are clearly defined then this is acceptable. If the website has been written as a gateway for financial gain with no real content, then it is wrong.

User Error Is Often An Issue

Most browser's will display the link location in the bottom left of your screen when you hover over an item you want to click. This should give you a good idea where you are about to go so Read Before You Click.

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