Free Computer Software

Below are links to free software, from an operating system to a complete office solution. There are enough links to get any PC running and all legally free to use.

Our Take On Free Software

Free software has always been a bone of contention for the generic computer user and from the outset users assumed that the programmes, the things that made computers functional, also had a cost. After all you were sold a computer so any additional applications you wanted to add to that would presumably have a value.

A Software Stranglehold

The corporations that retail software have/had a tight grip in the manner in which software is/was marketed, and licensed. There are instances where certain software became so universal it was necessary to break down the monopoly to ensure a fair balance. You can hardly blame the instigators for attempting to keep a grip of such a lucrative market but everyone deserves a balanced choice.

Free Software Has Moved On

A few decades into the “Computer Revolution” and things have evolved, we are now at a place where you literally have no need to purchase software. Almost every conceivable type of Software is available for your computer for free and just as powerful as the most commonly used products.

On the right of this website you will find menu links to reputable Free Open Source Software and that is just a snapshot of what is available. With a little investigation you will find an Open Source solution for most users needs. All we have tried to do is give you a teaser of what is out there, legally, for free.

Is Free Software Going To Give My Computer A Virus?

This is a very understandable concern and one we have answered in depth in another article which can be found by reading our Free Software FAQ's.

We Offer Free Software Support

We offer comprehensive seminars on the use of Open Source software. The long term benefits to individuals and businesses are immense and you can live in the comfort that the links we have offered are sustainable.

The bottom line is you really do not need to pay for applications any more.

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