A Dummies Guide To Websites

Domain Names

Before you even attempt to create a website presence there are some basics that need to be covered first, starting with the very fundamental thing you need, which is a domain name.

This is a task your developer can advise you on but if you want to secure a domain name yourself this is reasonably easy to do so.

What Is A Domain Name

The domain name is the bit that sits after http://www. So it would read http://www.whateveryouwant.com. There are obviously issues with the availability of a domain name as many prime names have already been snapped up.

You also need to decide on the domain extension. The extension is what comes after your chosen domain name and starts with a full stop (period). There are many extensions available and deciding which one to have is something we can advise you on. As an example a .com would be useful if you were looking to trade globally.

Rather than reinvent the wheel here is a link to an excellent Wikipedia guide regarding extensions. Take Me To Wikipedia

Is The Domain Name We Buy Important?

This is a controversial point and in our opinion the short answer is no, unless you wish to protect a brand. There are many prominent brands that have unrelated associations between the domain name and what they physically do. However to initially launch those brands they most likely had an intensive marketing campaign to raise public awareness.

There are many facets to this and if you are unsure then please feel free to contact us by clicking here, or we are just a phone call away.

Where Do I Buy A Domain Name?

There are plenty of places to purchase your domain name. We use Fasthosts and they offer a great service. When you purchase your domain make sure you only purchase the domain name and NOT! the Domain Name & Hosting Plan at the same time.

There is nothing wrong with the Fasthosts hosting service it’s just at this point we are only interested in securing the domain name and nothing else. The domain name and hosting are two separate entities and this is often misunderstood by Internet novices.

I Own The Domain Name | What Is The Next Step?

Domain names have the equivalent of post codes but these are called “nameservers”. Once you have purchased your domain name you will always have the option to change the “nameservers”.

Generically these will be pointed at the company that initially sold you the domain name but you will have the option to change this and allocate new “nameservers”.

Where the “nameservers” point is called the “hosting” and this is literally space where you will store your website and control any other Internet based services such as email.

Why Would I Need To Change Where My Nameservers Point?

Domain names have a finite price and that cost will be within a few percent of your regions currency. What does have a variable market trend is website hosting for a multitude of reasons. As disc space becomes larger this exponentially has a bearing on the cost of making this space available to End Users.

There are also other factors to take into consideration such as security, backup and level of access. As a guideline a single website hosting with all the bells and whistles will currently cost you well under £50.00pa. We have packages from only £20.00pa for commercial websites with 4 email accounts so this should give you an idea where the market lies.

The point we are trying to make is that if you control you domain “nameservers” then you have the luxury of being able to shop around for the best value “hosting”.

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